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A chess variant

  • Practice and set up any board state in Sandbox Mode!
  • Supports both peer to peer and matchmaking in Versus Mode!
  • Controls
    • Drag + drop a piece to move it
    • Right click drag + drop to draw an arrow, if the handicap overlay is disabled, holding ctrl, alt, or shift will colorize the arrows
    • Middle click + drag to orbit camera
    • Space bar to swap camera team perspective (Sandbox mode only)


  • Windows Defender/SmartScreen prevents the app from running.
    • SmartScreen is not a malware checker, it's a reputation checker. Microsoft has made certification signing incredibly difficult for indie devs to build a positive reputation, please just allow the game past SmartScreen. 
  • Hosting a game isn't working!
    • If hosting a game does not work by default, you may have UPnP disabled on your router/nat device, if so, please forward port 65530 and allow through any firewalls if you wish to be the host of a game, or enable UPnP.


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Hexachessagon v1.0.35.zip 37 MB


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Sweet, MAC build!  Will it work in WebGL?

Saro is working with me to provide Mac builds, though it's currently out of date, I'll get another from him soon.

No it will not work in WebGL, and I have 0 intention of ever making it work for WebGL. I will release it on Steam/EGS/etc when it is ready, until then, it can stay as a downloadable executable for the sake of playtesting.

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I really recommend this if you'd like a fun twist on chess!

I just finished my first game. It was really fun. The Squires are a really cool new piece, and the rook swapping was mind blowing. It was different but I was still able to use a lot of what I've learned about chess to play which felt really good. And the match making worked! I'm super impressed.

Two things I wish I had several times while I was playing I hope it's ok for me to write here:

- I would like to be able to drag the board to a different view and it stay there.

- I would like to be able to see piece move previews when it isn't my turn and for my opponents pieces.

I really liked it and I would like to play it again!

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I can't make the camera/board stay to a place you rotate and let go, I play tested it that way, and the change in perspective makes clicking on certain moves impossible and causes you to play moves you didn't intend to play, thus I must force it to a top down view whenever a play is possible to prevent these issues.

As for the previewing enemy moves, it actually is implemented, and if you play via direct peer to peer (which currently requires port forwarding) or in sandbox mode, you'll see it, there is an option to turn it off in both cases. The matchmaking system currently disables it by default (as previewing moves is intended to be disabled for ranked mode, when it's added), though this is changing in the next version for non-ranked matchmaking to display move previews.

Thanks for the feedback! :)

That makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the information!

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Of course! Just wanted to let you know, there is a new version of the game out that doesn't need port forwarding to host a game as long as UPnP is enabled on your router/nat device.

And previewing enemy moves is working with matchmaking. :) Enjoy!